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Asheboro N.C. March 8th 64

Gov Z.B. Vance

Dear Sir

          There is amongst the Deserters & Robbers in this county, hid in the woods a few good cowardly men that deserted at a late day. They might be got in, but they believe now that if they come up they will be shot. several persons have requested me to write to you and ask you to promise to interfere in their behalf if they come up. I ask it only for those that have not taken up arms or done any mischief. If you approve write me a line not for the public /but/ for the particular cases named– Ed Modlin[1] & others in Jail here for Desertion & Robbery for whom you ordered the Court of Oyer & Terminer, are likely to give us a long round of trouble. They moved their trial to Alamance, which court comes of the 23d of May. They have summoned 150 witnesses, for no other purpose than to be able to put off there case. it requires a guard of eight men all the time. part of the gang are still in the woods threatning the lives of the important witnesses against the prisoners. is it not possible to have the Court of Oyer to be recalled and continued until they are disposed of. I dislike very much to trouble you knowing that you are allready overtasked with business, but I feel so anxious that our county should  if possible recover the lost ground, which she has sustained, by deserters Peace Meetings and Exempts. There is at present some troops in the county, with their pressure and a promise from you to say a word I think several of the poor cowardly _______ may be got into camp. I think I can safely say that there is at present a decided reaction in favour of the Country.

Yours very Truly

J. M. Worth[2] 

[1] The editor has been unable to positively identify this individual.

[2] John Milton Worth (1811-1900) was a slave owning merchant in Asheboro in Randolph County. 1860 U.S. Census.

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